National Wholesale Lender, Equity Prime Mortgage Enters Esports Space as Official Housing Sponsor for Sanguine Professional SMITE Esports Team!

Atlanta, GA – March 3, 2020 –  Sanguine, and their professional SMITE esports team, today announced a historic partnership with Equity Prime Mortgage, EPM, a national wholesale lender based in Atlanta, GA. 

President, Eddy Perez, said, “We are excited to be able to support the esports community and this Sanguine team is especially close to my heart as the only Latin American team competing professional in the SMITE pro league.”

As a first-generation Cuban American, and 2019 recipient of the MBA Residential Diversity and Inclusion award Perez is committed to providing housing education and opportunities to all underserved markets. 

As part of the collaboration, Sanguine professional SMITE players will live and train in the EPM Team House.

“When you compare the demographics of the first-time homebuyer market and the esports market, you see staggering similarities.  We see this as an opportunity to build an educational plan on credit and home buying,” says Perez, “and since the Sanguine team will be based in Atlanta, GA, we will be able to help mentor the team on their journey.”

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The Sanguine Team House is located in Alpharetta, GA, close to the Hi-Rez Studios, where the team will play and compete in the professionals SMITE League. The house enables Sanguine athletes to focus on developing their skills, while providing direct access to any resource necessary to ensure the team’s success.

Sanguine eSports Atlanta #vamossanguine

In addition to naming rights for the team house, EPM will receive prominent logo placements on the Sanguine jersey and integration in its social and digital media channel.

“The EPM Team House gives us the chance to practice together as a team.  Last year we competed in the minor league and all our players lived in different countries.  With the team house we will be able to play and live together.  We can call team meetings in minutes and build synergy both in and outside of gaming as a team,” said Blaine, Cakeman, Bell, team owner and manager. “Having this tight team together to practice, and prepare is crucial for maintaining a competitive environment, and by supporting us with this team house, EPM is helping us prepare to take the number one spot at World Championship SMITE.”

Sanguine is one of eight teams selected to compete in the 2020 SMITE Pro League.  Teams joining Sanguine in the 2020 SMITE Pro League include, Spacestation Gaming, Pittsburgh Knights (owned by the Pittsburgh Steelers), Renegades, Team Rival, eUnited, Obey Alliance, and Ghost Gaming.

Official SMITE Pro Video – Sanguine Team

Sanguine’s SMITE professional team will be arriving in March from their respective Latin America countries, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay and are excited about the opportunity to compete together professional and to be supported by the Latin American community. 

“We are about supporting growth, teamwork and leadership at EPM,”

says Perez, “and it makes complete sense for us to support this team.  They embody what we stand for, being optimistic in the face of adversity!  We look forward to welcoming them to Atlanta and the mortgage community.”

Shout Caster Talks about Sanguine moving into Pro League

About Equity Prime Mortgage

Founded at the height of the mortgage crisis in 2008, EPM has grown to become one of the leading mortgage lenders in the U.S., operating 18 office locations across the nation. EPM’s new mission, which was launched in the beginning of 2020 states: “We are a resource, and voice, for financial empowerment.” With that said the vision of the organization is clear. EPM strives “to continue to offer top financial service, communication and assistance to the communities we serve.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, EPM is licensed in 49 states and provides an array of lending resources such as Conventional, FHA, VA, 203K, Reverse and USDA loans, as well as a, trusted Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & Ginnie Mae Seller/Servicer.

With a dedicated staff of highly experienced professionals, EPM provides exceptional pricing for thousands of clients annually, without compromising follow-through and customer service.

For more information about EPM visit us online at Equityprime.com or call us toll-free at (877) 255-3554.

About Sanguine

Sanguine was founded in May 2016 out of a passion for esports and gaming. The team began in the title Counter-Strike, with entrance into the EU SMITE Pro League later that fall. The team that signed consisted of players from Sweden, England, France, Italy, and Egypt.

In 2019, Sanguine signed a Latin American based team of SMITE players, who were #1 in the region. Competing in the North American Minor League, the team took 1st in the fall season, earning a spot at the SMITE World Championship Qualifiers. After fighting for a whole week, the team qualified for the World Championships as the underdog, taking 8th place. Sanguine was then offered a spot in the SMITE 2020 Pro League where they will be continuing with their Latin American roster for the season. More information on the Sanguine team, including full player and coach biographies, can be found at www.sanguineesports.com or at blaine@sanguineesports.com

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