Out of the Vault Halloween Collection

June 8, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Celebrating Halloween with 5 Nicktoons’ Halloween specials and then some on 1 DVD! This is the first of 2 holiday-themed Nick Out of the Vault DVDs by Shout Factory, this time Halloween! The 5 Nicktoons in this collection have all their Halloween specials on here; CatDogula, the debut episode of AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (The Switching Hour), Rocko’s Sugar Frosted Frights and Ed is Dead, Arnold’s alien-loaded Halloween special, and the Angry Beavers’ “B-movie”-spoofed Halloween classic The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up! It also has 5 other creepily-themed episodes…

Anonymous says:

Halloween out of the vault nicklodeon Episodes aaahh real monsters the switching hour, monster are real and this your brain on ickis episodes the angry beavers the day the world got really screwed up , damnesia and the pose dam adventure episodes of. Cat dog full moon ,war of the cat dog and catdogula episodes of hey Arnold the list, haunted train and Arnold’s hallween and last episode s or Rock modern life episodes power trip ,to heck and back , sugar frosted frights and Ed is dead ! This good DVD wish there were little more…

Anonymous says:

great for younger kids the hey arnold episodes are really good. the angry beaver episodes might be better enjoyed by younger kids. the ahhh real monsters episodes are really good as well. the catalog episodes are so so and might be enjoyed better by younger kids as well. the rock’s modern life episodes are not so great. perhaps if you have young kids this might be the best buy for you but if you don’t than I would keep on looking for a better collection of movies.

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