Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – Fast, Simple, Beautiful Custom Wood, Leather, Craft, DIY, and Hobby Laser Cutting & Engraving On Your Desktop

June 6, 2019 - Comment

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer Make magical things at the push of a button. What if you could sketch a design, then turn it into something real you could actually use? What if you could print things you wanted, needed, or just dreamed up on your desk, instead of relying on factories half a world

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

Make magical things at the push of a button.

What if you could sketch a design, then turn it into something real you could actually use? What if you could print things you wanted, needed, or just dreamed up on your desk, instead of relying on factories half a world away?

Meet Glowforge. It uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials.

There’s a lot you can do with that kind of power: it’s having the perfect gift when you need one. A way to furnish your space. A personal boutique. A sandbox for your inventions. A launchpad for your business. And that’s just the start.

Three steps to a finished product.

Step 1: Make Your Design
Whether you craft for fun or you’re an experienced designer, it’s easy to bring your ideas to life. Use dozens of different design software packages – everything from high-end CAD software to PowerPoint. It takes PDF, SVG, JPEG and other common file formats. Designing can also be as simple as drawing with a pen – Glowforge has onboard cameras that will scan your drawing and transform it into a digital file you can print, once or a hundred times.

Step 2: Pick Your Materials
You can use all kinds of materials with Glowforge – things like wood or leather, fabric, cardboard, acrylic, and even chocolate. In fact, you can print on hundreds of materials – a river rock, secondhand lumber, your iPhone. It’s up to you, but to make things easy, you can use our line of Proofgrade materials. They’re finished and come encoded with automatic settings for perfect printing every time.

Step 3: Watch the Magic Happen
Hit print and watch your Glowforge go. Because the printing interface is in a browser, it works on a PC, it works on a Mac, and we have apps for iPad and iPhone – so you can create with just your fingertip. See your finished product in minutes.

Product Features

  • IDEA TO PRODUCT IN MINUTES – Create meaningful gifts for your friends, unique products to sell, or something personalized just for you – at the push of a button.
  • COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC- Autofocus. Automatically recognize materials. Set power, speed, and more automatically. Just add your paper drawing, PDF, or photo and print.
  • FREE SOFTWARE & 30 MINUTE SETUP- Your Glowforge comes with lifetime free access to the Glowforge App. There’s nothing to install – you can run it from your browser on Mac, PC, phone, or tablet, or get it from the iOS App Store. It’s wireless, it’s simple, and there’s just one button. The setup guide will have you holding your first print in less than 30 minutes.
  • LASER PRECISION and DOZENS OF MATERIALS – Precise to a thousandth of an inch, and the laser can focus to the width of a human hair. Carve up to 1/2″ deep, 11″ tall, and 19.5″ wide, and print at over 1,300 lines per inch. The Glowforge Plus makes it easy to engrave or print beautiful and useful products with wood, leather, paper, fabric, acrylic, glass, metal, cardboard… even chocolate!
  • SAFE FOR HOME AND SCHOOL – The only CDRH Class 1 laser cutter engraver, the Glowforge Plus meets CE, FDA, and FCC standards, and has been independently safety tested. Safety sensors avoid hazards.


Anonymous says:

A nice machine, but do your homework This is a hard review to write, as I have really looked forward to buying this machine (if you can call it one) and I have invested so much money into it. I have previously owned a CNC router and carving machine and done the programming for it as well as design work, and so I came in to this with high hopes. The CNC router created a lot of dust issues, as well as taking up a lot of space and I looked at this as an excellent device to do small projects.There are two big things that Glowforge does not tell you about: the first is that the customer service is close to non-existent. Yes, they do have customer service, but it is limited to writing a message or an email and waiting for a day or so for a reply. You are limited to what you can write, and the response is sent by someone who reads quickly through the message and answers only a part of it (almost as if they are trying to answer as many letters as possible). There is no telephone customer service at all. I have sent…

Anonymous says:

Totally satisfied – the Glowforge is incredible Length:: 0:06 Mins Quick Summary: After using the Glowforge Plus (middle model) for a couple of weeks, I’m overwhelmingly positive and 100% satisfied with it.Details: The Glowforge was packaged and shipped with high attention to detail and safety – but easy to unpack, even with it’s large size – and surprisingly it came with a huge box of various sample materials! Following the simple directions online, I was set up and printing/cutting within an hour from delivery! Set up of the hardware and the software was REALLY easy. Since all the print/cut prep is done on the software and the device itself only has one button!The only setup challenge for some buyers will be the venting – make sure you can put this near a window or external vent. I’m lucky to have a window nearby and I use the INCLUDED dryer-vent-style hose to vent the exhaust through a window rig. Glowforge is apparently creating a filter system – but that’s not available yet – so venting…

Anonymous says:

Outstanding Laser Cutter for Woodworking, Leatherworking, Cosplay, etc. The 30,000 ft view in this review is: Glowforge is *amazing*. If you’re into making things and you’re on the fence about getting one, just do it. It’s positively incredible. I have the “Plus” model, which I definitely recommend. I like the extra power of the Plus laser, and I don’t feel like the slot is worth the extra $2k upgrade cost for the Pro. (Some folks who use the Glowforge for cutting/engraving large signs DO think the slot is worth the extra though!)I own a 3D printer, and a workshop full of woodworking tools. I bought the Glowforge as a “cherry on top” accessory for my woodworking, thinking I’d use it to engrave various wood parts when working on furniture. But I’ve wound up using it for far more than just that.Before buying the Glowforge, I spent a lot of time and money on alternatives that I thought could be used to for the same purposes. For example:Wood burner – Takes too much skill and time for what I wanted to use it for. If…

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