El 30 de septiembre llegará a Telemundo la nueva serie limitada No Te Puedes Esconder,un thriller de 10 episodios que marca el regreso de la actriz Blanca Soto, quien comparte elenco con el actor español conocido internacionalmente Iván Sánchez.


ATLANTA, GATelemundo’s highly anticipated show No Te Puedes Esconder is set to make its television debut tonight at 10PM EST and Atlanta Latinos had the opportunity to talk to two of the show’s protagonists, Blanca Soto and Ivan Sanchez, to get the low down on the show that’s creating so much buzz.

There are many reasons you need to make sure it’s on your watch list and one of them is that it’s an easy watch. Unlike the novelas and shows we see on our beloved latin channels, that usually have an episode daily which makes falling behind so easy, No Te Puedes Esconder is making its worldwide debut via Netflix, and in doing so, the show has adopted Netflix’s less is more aspect. The show will consist of just 10 episodes in its first season, which is very new age of Telemundo. Blanca Soto explained that because there are only 10 episodes, each is filled with action and suspense with a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. She gushed about the show being “very well written with great directors, as well as a team that’s very well equipped”.

The complexity of the characters adds to the mix that’ll keep the viewers hooked. No Te Puedes Esconder, presents the story of Monica (Blanca Soto) and her daughter Natalia (Samantha Siqueiros) who flee Mexico to escape their past, an abusive husband and a criminal network.

After establishing new identities in Madrid, the mother and her daughter are sheltered by the United States federal witness protection program and begin to rebuild their lives. There, they will find an ex-law enforcement turned into an assassin, a photographer obsessed with death and a politician who has illicit relationships. 

Finally, as if you needed any more reasons to watch the show, after 3 years of being away, Blanca Soto is making her long awaited comeback with No Te Puedes Esconder. Soto said she was very excited to be back. After all the heart and work the team has put into the show, she feels something special as been created. She knows its “a risky format and it’s new but it’s giving television diversity” within what it means to have a Latin Series. 

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We at Atlanta Latinos will definitely be tuning in tonight and, after all the reasons why you should watch it, we hope you will too! Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s episode on our social media!

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