“AMAZING!!! The menu is in Italian though, so if you don’t know Italian, you might need some help. But don’t worry, it’s well worth it! By the way, ask for olive oil, pepper flakes, and parmesan cheese if you like that! Have fun! I definitely did.”


San Gennaro Salsiccia, sweet red pepper, bufala, cipolline

antico-pizza-battery-park-best pizza-atlanta-georgia
antico-pizza-battery-park-best pizza-atlanta-ga

“Having worked for three legit Italian pizzerias in my day. This is the quality I’ve been looking for. Simple fresh ingredients, none of the typical Americanized toppings. So far my favorite dinning experience at the Battery. Great atmosphere. Don’t forget the Gelato.”


“I’ve never been to Italy but if the pizza tastes anything like I’ve had here, I can’t wait to visit..”


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