Melanie Miranda

Latin Pop Artist

ATLANTA, GA – Melanie Miranda is a Puerto Rican, Pop singer/songwriter whose mission is to help others through sharing her stories of love and life. Melanie’s love for music stems from her early childhood years when she began her interest and passion for the arts.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio she knew she would have to be creative in order to make her dreams in music, acting and dance come true. In doing so, she made the tough decision to venture away from her small hometown. Melanie began training as an actor while traveling around the U.S. Now she is currently residing in Atlanta, GA, where her career is kicking off in the music industry.

Melanie has recently combined her love for Pop music with the love of her Latino culture and she created a Spanglish EP. Hoping to inspire those around her to chase their dreams, she leads with this message…

“Feed your passion, it’s waiting for you!”

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