Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder: Unflavored Ketosis Supplement (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Coconuts) for Ketone Energy. Paleo Natural Non Dairy Ketogenic Keto Coffee Creamer

November 28, 2018 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Absolute BEST! It amazes me that users are giving this 1 star just because it gets a little “clumpy”… this is actually a GOOD thing because it means that the product is pure. When it hits the liquid, of course it will clump – it’s an oil powder and this is just the nature of the substance. Get creative people and/or use a blender bottle…That being said, I LOVE this product. I have been on the Keto diet for 4 months now and incorporated this product into my routine starting 2 months ago. I also practice intermittent fasting so I don’t eat until about 12 or 1pm each day. I put this in my morning coffee (hot or cold) and it 1) Keeps me focused at work all day 2) Suppresses my appetite until lunch and 3) Kicks up my Ketone levels — So this WORKS! I usually just have 1 scoop a day, but if I’m trying to prep for an event and need to lose weight faster, I’ll do 2 scoops a day.There were a few instances where I was put in positions where there was no keto-friendly food…

Anonymous says:

Unsure at first but now I love it I wasn’t sure about this stuff at first. Initially I bought it for convenience when traveling. At first I felt deceived because although there are 30 servings a serving is equivalent to .5 tablespoons of liquid MCT oil, so if you usually do a tablespoon this will only last you 2 weeks. However I will say this powder does mix better with beverages than the liquid. You need to use a milk frother, whisk or blender for best results but that is true of the liquid as well. I have had absolutely no digestive issues with this even on days when I’ve had 2 servings. It also does not separate when blended with exogenous ketones (or any other beverage). When I use liquid MCT with exogenous ketones (any brand) it separates into a fatty frothy layer on top and thinner watery drink at the bottom…even using a Ninja shake blender. See pics of exogenous ketones blend. Left is using mct powder after having set for 5 min, right is liquid mct after having set 5 min. Even after a couple of hours on my…

Anonymous says:

If I Can Tell It Works . . Anyone Should Be Able I can actually FEEL a difference when I consume this stuff. That’s HUGE, because for 99% of all the millions of nutrient tabs, lotions, and potions I have consumed over several decades, I don’t feel any different–at all.This stuff is in the 1% alright: I can distinctly tell the difference in focus, mental stamina, speed, and alertness taking this stuff vs. not.It looks like some highly synthetic plastic powder, but tastes like mild coffee creamer–go figure. I take it in coffee and it mostly dissolves easily. It doesn’t weird or unnatural in the least. Neither does it make my stomach run for the hills like liquid MCTs do, as long as I follow the suggested use instructions.I used to work for a nutraceutical manufacturer, so I have a sense for how much such things cost to produce. Even so, the relatively high price is completely offset by the performance of this product.

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